Rental Car Offices at Bournemouth Airport not always staffed

I booked online at for my recent return to the UK. Europcar was the chosen supplier, as they had the cheapest rate for a 7 day hire. To my surprise when I arrived at the tiny office all the car suppliers use at the Airport, the Europcar desk was empty !!

The rental car offices at Bournemouth Airport, just across from the arrivals hall.
rental car cabin at bournemouth airport
The portakabin is just across the road, a simple walk from Arrivals.

On my arrival at the Europcar desk I found there were no staff, and yet my reservation was confirmed for mid-day arrival. There were also other customers wanting cars. 
Europcar at Bournemouth Airport had no staff at their desk
Europcar can't afford to staff their desk?
#Europcar are one of the largest car hire companies in the world and yet they cannot afford to employ one person to stay at the desk when they know clients are arriving? amazing !!

Luckily there was a sign provided saying that we can call a mobile number and talk to the representative. It turns out he was 15 minutes returning as he is the only employee and was cleaning cars a few miles away?

When he did return, he did process the paperwork extremely fast and efficiently. I was soon only way in my little FIAT 500, which was brand new and very clean, this is an excellent car with good fuel consumption. I had a full / full fuel policy thanks to Tipoa Car Hire.

Bournemouth Airport Europcar Desk, closed on a Monday mid-day
Vacancy apply within !
I had to return my car full of fuel on Sunday afternoon, and it came as no surprise that none of the hire car suppliers were open on the Sunday, so I used the Europcar key dropbox return system.

The nearest petrol station I found was the Tesco at Ferndown which is open 24 hrs

If for any reason the rental car desk person doesn't have time or isn't there to make the car inspection with you, make sure you follow the instructions displayed on the outside of the paperwork folder, supplied by Europcar. If you discover any damage that isn't shown on the damage inspection sheet call their number to report any damage as soon as you are able.
Europcar & Tipoa Car Hire emergency assistance UK number 0800 0280 999
Road side assistance telephone number

Also the road side assistance number is displayed here 0800 0280 999 should you have an accident or breakdown.

When I returned home I must admit I was impressed to receive an email invoice from Alamo/Europcar for zero, which was 100% correct.

Moral of the story, make sure they have your email address, especially if you require a formal invoice.

Europcar Alamo Invoice of Charges by email
Alamo / Europcar Invoice

Jim Obrien

Southampton Airport Tipoa Car Hire & Enterprise

Tipoa Rental Car Desk Southampton Airport
Tipoa Car Hire & Enterprise Southampton Airport
I must say I was impressed with the service the new local Enterprise assistant manager at Southampton Airport afforded me on my recent rental car hire. As always I used the Tipoa Car Hire website to make my reservation, as I know I am always going to get good after sales support should I need it. On this occasion I did not, as the local supplier chosen by the Tipoa system, was Enterprise.

Located with the other rental car agents just across the road from the exit of the arrivals door at Southampton Airport. For those who have not previously used this airport, I can tell you it is small and easy to negotiate your way around. As soon as you exit the terminal building simply walk across the road crossing toward to car covered car park and the car hire desks are all grouped together.

The Enterprise Rent-A-Car Damage Evaluator Gadget
Enterprise Rent-A-Car Damage Evaluator
I produced my confirmation voucher, and because I had purchased my zero excess additional insurance with #Allianz Insurance, I didn't purchase any extra items, and was not pressured to do so by the Enterprise representative. In no time we both were inspecting the car using the new #Enterprise Rent-A-Car Damage Evaluator gadget (see photo)

Basically a device that measures the severity / size of any existing damage when you collect the car and likewise when you return it.  I like the fact that the representative had the time to inspect the car with me, which was reassuring.

I was only renting for a few days, had unlimited mileage in the deal and I wanted to return it very early morning, which was free of charge. The rental car companies at the airport all have early return drop boxes for out of hours key return. The box is located just inside the felt hand glass door entrance to the airport ( departures) on the right hand side. Please be aware that at 05:30 am nothing is open inside the airport, not even security, so you cannot check in until 06:00 hrs

My security deposit was returned within 3 days as I returned the car full of fuel. There nearest gas station to the airport is the local Asda store at Eastleigh which is open 24hrs a day.

Nearest petrol station open 24 hrs Asda Eastleigh for Southampton Airport
Asda Eastleigh 24 hrs Petrol Station
If like me you have a very early flight, then I recommend the #PremierInn which is located right at the airport, just a walk across the road from the terminal building.

Joss Williams