Goldcar Online Check In Service

Rental car supplier Goldcar are now offering the option of advance Checking-in On-line when booking at the Tipoa Car Hire website.

We assume that the extremely long queues experienced at the Goldcar desks in the Spanish Airports this year in particular, prompted them to create this new service.

Tipoa welcomes any innovations that may save its customers time.

But it is unclear to us how precisely this saves our clients time and, more importantly, avoids long queues.

Strangely, Goldcar themselves seem unable to explain how using their new online check in facility saves the customer time.

Of course, entering your identity document, driving license, credit card details in advance saves Goldcar staff time from having to manually enter this information in the system at the desk when you arrive.

Goldcar rental vehicle

However, it is our understanding that these documents still have to be produced at the counter.

Goldcar already operate an "Express Service" so unless completing the new online check-in forms allows you to use their "Express Service", we do not see its benefits.

If you have already used this new Goldcar service, perhaps you would be kind enough to share your thoughts with us.

You can either email our travel writer Uxía Olsson at personally, or share your experiences on our Travel Blog so that other travellers can benefit from
your comments.

Did you really save time?, were you asked to show the same documentation again?, would you recommend it to others?

Long queues GOLDCAR Alicante Airport

Alicante Airport GOLDCAR desk queue
GOLDCAR July 13th Alicante Airport 
A Tipoa Car Hire client arrived at Alicante airport at 16:30 hrs on the 13th July 2013.

As you can see the queue was very large at the GOLDCAR desk, with an average wait time of approximately 45-60 minutes .

If you experience similar queues at car hire rental desks around the world please email us your photos.

Include please the location the car rental company and the date and time.

We recommend that you factor in the wait / queues when booking the very cheapest car supplier. Other rental car companies that may charge a slightly higher rental rate, have much smaller queues if any at all.

Thank you Mr Eleveld for your photo.